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Welcome to EX-Center!

We’re here to help you, if you are a child or an adult with congenital limb deficiencies or amputations of more than one arm or leg. EX-Center is a Swedish centre for rehabilitation and information. It is run by the Rehabcenter Sfären in Stockholm and the Swedish Thalidomide Society, NGO. We have been in operation since 1993, and have the services of a number of specialists in associated fields.

EX-Center’s habilitation and rehabilitation work is done from an all-inclusive perspective, with knowledge-developing efforts and information dissemination. We function as a complement to the support that is offered in Swedish municipalities and county councils.

We always work in a team consisting of an orthopaedic doctor, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a coordinator and a psychologist. Each patient’s stay/visit is tailored individually. We often introduce one or several role models to the patient and the patient’s family. We understand that it can be very important and helpful to meet someone with a similar disability, in order to be able to share experiences.

The patient coordinator takes care of all contact before, during, and after the visit to EX-Center, and functions as a unifying link both internally and externally for EX-Center.
We welcome those with multiple limb damage, both from all of Sweden and from other countries. 
Read more about how you can come to EX-Center here

Contact EX-Center’s coordinator for help in sorting things out.
Telephone: +46 -8-791 14 67, e-post:

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