Knowledge and Rehabilitation Centre for children and adults with multiple limb deficiencies


EX-Center has two principals – Aktiv Ortopedteknik in Stockholm AB and the Swedish Thalidomide Society (abbreviated FfdN in Swedish). The unique construction, with one caregiver and one user organisation, is EX-Center’s strength and is a prerequisite for the organisation’s existence. FfdN, as the user organisation, is there first-hand to influence how the care for the patients with multiple extremity deficiencies should be designed. It is the FfdN that is responsible for the role model programme, the website and the user meetings. FfdN also runs the handicap policy questions that affect this group of people with multiple limb deficiencies. Aktiv Ortopedteknik operates all rehabilitation for EX-Center and has the agreements with the Stockholm County Council. 

In the Team for Extremity Deviation (earlier known as the Dysmelia Team) in Stockholm, EX-Center cooperates closely with the Neuropediatric Department at  Karolinska University Hospital for Children in Solna. In this cooperation EX-Center sees to it that children with multiple limb deficiencies are taken care of and benefit from the knowledge and the extensive experience that exists in this field.

The Rehab team


Orthopaedic physicians

Occupational therapists



Prosthetist/Head of rehabilitation