Knowledge and Rehabilitation Centre for children and adults with multiple limb deficiencies

Patient-centred care

The principle of human dignity is a natural part of EX-Center’s work. The principle implies that all people are equal, and have the right to care, regardless of age, gender, educational level, social, or financial standing. 

The principle of autonomy is a guiding star for EX-Center’s work. It means that the patient has the right to self-determination, and that the treatment shall as far as possible be designed and carried out in consultation with the patient. The patient’s wishes and priorities are always key. 

EX-Center’s staff has, by meeting many patients with similar injuries, attained a unique experience of what kind of treatment and training works for the particular deficiencies of those with multiple extremity deficiencies. Based on this, EX-Center designs the rehabilitation in consultation with the patient, and on a scientific foundation.

The Rehab team


Orthopaedic physicians

Occupational therapists



Prosthetist/Head of rehabilitation