Knowledge and Rehabilitation Centre for children and adults with multiple limb deficiencies

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Advice and idea database

EX-Center runs Tipbase, a database for assistive devices. Tipbase provides advice and information about products and smart solutions for patients with multiple limb deficiencies. In Tipbase you will find information about everything from classic assistive devices to ordinary consumer products that can be used for homemade solutions.   
All people with multiple limb deficiencies have their own unique solutions and preferences to cope with their everyday life. Therefore, it is not enough to show different patients with the same deficiency a solution to, for example, getting dressed, and assume this way will suit everyone. By way of many people sharing their own personal tips and tricks in the database, the individual user can use this information to develop something that works. In the database there are practical tips about everything from eating, dressing oneself, car adaption, child care, work, leisure, and much more.
Tipbase offers people with multiple limb deficiencies an opportunity to avoid inventing the wheel over and over again. All new EX-Center patients receive an introduction to Tipbase during their stay at EX-Center.

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