Knowledge and Rehabilitation Centre for children and adults with multiple limb deficiencies

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Dissertation in progress
Shadi-Afarain Ghasemi Jahani, MD.”Funktion hos vuxna patienter med thalidomidembryopati avseende förflyttning, dagliga aktiviteter och påverkan på livskvalitet [Function in adult patients with thalidomide embryopathy syndrome regarding mobility, daily activities, and influence on quality of life]”.  

Ongoing research
EX-Center carries on, in cooperation with Karolinska Institutet, a research project entitled ”Utvärdering av livskvalitet hos personer med multipla extremitetsavvikelser [Evaluation of Quality of Life in Persons with Multiple Extremity Injuries]”. The purpose of this study is to find out how persons with such injuries experience the quality of their life. The project coordinator is Helene Alexanderson, MD, registered physiotherapist at Karolinska Institutet, Karolinska University Hospital. Participating from EX-Center are Anita Stockselius and Marie Wikström.

Recently completed project
The Swedish Thalidomide Society has cooperated with EX-Center in running a three-year health project which has been financed by the State Inheritance Fund. The project’s purpose was to develop methods and tools with which to improve the health of persons with multiple extremity injuries. 
Examples of earlier research by, or in cooperation with EX-Center:
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