Knowledge and Rehabilitation Centre for children and adults with multiple limb deficiencies

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Hearing and visual impairment

Having impaired vision or hearing is a difficult situation for most people. Furthermore, a person’s eyesight and hearing typically deteriorate with age. 

For the target group

If you are missing all or parts of your hands or arms, it may be particularly difficult to use a hearing device or glasses, or to make yourself understood with the help of sign language. 

Helpful tips

If you suffer from hearing impairment and use a hearing device, you should be aware that there are devices available that can be charged by using an external charging unit on which you place your device when it needs to be charged. This type of solution means that you avoid the problem of having to change the batteries in your device. 

If you suffer from visual impairment, it might be easier to use contact lenses instead of glasses if you find that your glasses don’t sit well, fog up or slide off when you become warm and sweaty. There are even progressive contact lenses available which provide correction of both your near and far vision. Another viable alternative could be progressive glasses. Discuss your situation and needs with your optician to find the best solution. 

The Rehab team


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